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Processing Time
Pieces typically take up to 5 business days to be packed up and dropped off at the post office
How long will it take for my package to arrive?
Packages typically take 1-2 weeks in Canada, 1-4 weeks in the USA, and 2-6 weeks everywhere else.
*Currently with Covid-19 and people spending more time at home, postal services are overwhelmed and you will most likely see a delay in your package arriving. Within Canada I've had packages take up to 6 weeks. 
My package is taking long, can you track it for me?
Tracking is a shipping option you are able to select at check out. You are able to see where your package is, and if there is a massive delay, I can call and open an investigation with the tracking number. If you did not select this option, then there is no tracking number to do so.
I strongly suggest selecting tracked shipping at checkout. 
My package hasn't arrive yet...
If it has been over a month within Canada, please contact me.
If it has been over 6 weeks in the USA please contact me.
If it has been over 8 weeks everywhere else, please contact me .
*Keep in mind during Covid-19 mail is taking much longer to receive, please be patient. 
Depending on the shipping option chosen, we may be able to open an investigation to track down your package. 
I have tracking and my package says it has arrived, but there is nothing here
Because you have selected the tracking option, I will be able to open an investigation. 
The postal agency will ask if you have checked with your neighbour, your mail box, your front porch, your lobby. Please make sure you've exhausted these first, and then we can move forward. Once I have opened up an investigation, I will keep you updated and give you the case number. 
I just realized I put in the wrong shipping address
If you let me know the correct address before I have shipped the package, I am able to make that switch.
If the package has already been sent, then there is nothing I can do. Please connect with the resident at the address you put in if possible. 
I can always recreate a piece again, but it will be at the same cost because of the amount of time and work that goes into creating a piece. 
I did not select Tracked Shipping
If you do not select 'Tracked Shipping', your package will not include tracking or insurance. With this being said Little Shiny Wolf is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, and will not reimburse or remake for pieces that were shipped without the 'Tracked Shipping' option. I highly suggest choosing 'Tracked Shipping' as it includes insurance also. This option protects both you and myself. 


What materials do you use in your pieces?
For studs- Delica beads, white gold plated posts that are nickel free, E6000 adhesive, fireline thread.
For Red Dress inspired earrings- Delica beads, white gold plated or silver plated nickel free hooks or ear wire, bees waxed nylon thread, and typically porcupine quills.
For other pieces- I use either delica, miyuki seed beads, or czech seed beads. For thread I used bees waxed nylon, or fireline. For earrings hooks and posts I use silver plated, gold plated, white gold plated, rose gold plated, all nickel free. If a piece is backed, I use an interface as a foundation, and deer to back the piece. 
For Luxe pieces- I use precious materials; such as, gold filled and sterling silver filled findings, gold plated and silver plated beads, vintage beads, high quality crystals, etc. The cost of sourcing these materials is reflected in the price of pieces that have elements incorporated into them.
Are your porcupine quills ethically sourced?
Yes. I order them from someone in Alberta, who ethically sources them.
Are your products vegan friendly?
I use deer, bees wax, and porcupine quills in some of my pieces. Please read descriptions for details.
I have sensitive ears, can I wear your pieces?
The earring hooks and post I use are nickel free. They are typically gold, white gold, rose gold, or silver plated. I use metal backings, but will include rubber backings too incase.
If you are still concerned, I suggest either purchasing and switching out the findings if possible, or lightly coat the metal piece that will touch your skin with clear nail polish. This creates a barrier between the metal and your skin. Be sure to use a rubber backing, as you do not want to scrap off the nail polish you just put on.

Additional FAQs

I lost one of my earrings
I can remake a piece for you, but it will be at a cost. If it is one side of an earring, then you'll be paying for just the one earring and shipping. 
I broke my piece, what can I do?
If you broke your piece (or your little one got a hold of it, or your pet thought it was toy), I can try to repair or recreate it, but at a cost. For example, if I am recreating an entire earring, you will need to pay the cost of that one side and shipping.
The post to my studs broke... what can I do?
This very rarely happens...but it does happen!
I send an extra post with studs if the post snaps or comes off. You will need to take off the metal disk piece by gently pulling it off. The fireline thread should hold, and your piece may begin to feel a bit loose (the thread has stretched). Then you will need to reattach a new post using a jewelry adhesive, I use E6000. You will then need to let the adhesive dry for a few days. 
Alternatively, you can reach out to me and mail the piece back and I can do that process for you. This can take awhile, depending on how long it takes to get to me, the removing and reapplication, and the mailing back time. You are responsible for shipping costs in this case. 
My piece arrived damaged
I try to pack up pieces with care, and with the hopes they arrive safely to you. If your package arrives damaged, please take pictures of the damage and communicate with me. We can discuss options! 
Do you do wholesale?
A lot of time and energy goes into creating pieces, and I try to sell my pieces at a price that is fair to me and to those who purchase from me. For those reasons, I often say no to whole sale requests. However, you can still inquire and we can discuss this further. Thank you for your interest in what I create!
Duty/Customs on International orders
Little Shiny Wolf is not responsible for any Duty/Custom taxes and fees imposed for orders outside of Canada. The purchaser is solely responsible for these additional costs, and will not be reimbursed by Little Shiny Wolf.
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